joey goodsell

teacher | media professional

I’m convinced that growing up in a small Mississippi town is why I developed such a vivid imagination. Daydreaming about things I read about in books and magazines fueled my creativity. As a kid, I had so much fun pretending to be a sound engineer and a camera operator even though I didn’t know that’s what it was called. I'm still amazed that I could turn my childhood fascination into a career.


I’ve produced and edited live music concerts for TV and DVD; produced, directed, shot, edited several corporate videos and documentaries; written, produced and directed hundreds of radio and TV commercials; shot and edited news stories; operated camera on a variety of projects; created graphics for the TV and the web; and worked a a radio air talent. Each opportunity led me to something even more exciting and challenging.


After 15 years in the industry, I made the transition into academia. I have taught a variety of classes including producing for television, video and audio post production, multi-camera field and studio production, single camera production, writing for the media, advertising production, audio for video production, and history of the media. My teaching experience has enabled me to help improve and develop successful media production curricula at several different Universities.


Fast-forward to today and you will find someone who still has an incredible passion for production and technology. I continue to develop and produce professional projects in a variety of genres. My dad's 8mm film camera sits on a shelf in my office as a reminder of where my journey began.





Professor of Practice

Assistant Professor

2011 - present

2004 - 2008

2008 - 2011

2003 - 2004

Department of Communication

Department of Telecommunication & Film

Department of Mass Communication & Journalism

Division of Arts & Letters

  • Teach courses in TV/Video including single camera and multi-camera production, history of media and production technology.
  • Developed and implemented production curriculum.
  • Taught courses in media production including single and mutli-camera field and studio production, advanced and introduction to post production, audio production, advertising production, and audio for video production.
  • Designed and executed the new media production curriculum.
  • Supervised two graduate teaching assistants.
  • Taught course in media production including single and multi-camera production, and post production.
  • Sequence head for media production
  • Developed and implemented curriculum for media production major.
  • Supervised one graduate teaching assistant
  • Taught courses in TV/Video and Audio/Radio production including single and multi-camera production, radio station management, and production technology.
  • Constructed and executed revisions to the production curriculum.
  • Faculty advisor for student radio station.

Assistant Professor

2000 - 2003

Department of Radio & Television

  • Taught courses in TV/Video and Audio production including intro to production, intro to audio production, producing for television, copywriting, advertising production, digital post production and history of the media.
  • Supervised three graduate teaching assistants.
  • Co-director "Hollywood Studies" internship program.

Teaching Assistant


Department of Radio & Television

  • Taught single camera and multi-camera production, writing for the media and history of media.
  • Assistant to the Dean on college wide British Study Abroad Program.
  • On-site coordinator for  "Hollywood Studies" internship program.


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